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Avo Breakfast Bruschetta

Avo Breakfast Bruschetta
Avo Breakfast Bruschetta


Paleo Bread Slices 2
Avocado 12 smashed
Lemon Juice 10ml ( 12 tbsp ) or ACV
Chilli Flakes 1g ( 14 tsp ) optional
Cherry Tomatoes 14 punnet ( 14 cup ) halved
Olive Oil 20ml (1 tbsp )


NOTE: See the bulk recipe for Breakfast Bread in the Recipe Library.

  1. In a fry pan over medium heat, add a little olive oil and gently fry your tomatoes. Meanwhile in a bowl, combine the avocado, lemon juice or ACV, extra-virgin olive oil, and dried chilli flakes if using and combine well.
  2. Toast your bread and top with the smashed avocado, lightly fried cherry tomatoes and season with a little salt and pepper if needed. Enjoy.

MACROS (per serve):

Protein 2.6g

Fats 33.1g

Carbs 11.1g

Energy 336cal/1404kJ

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