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Perfect Pork + Parsley Burger

Perfect Pork + Parsley Burger
Perfect Pork + Parsley Burger


Pork Mince 125g
Parsley 14 bunch finely chopped
Coriander, Ground 1g ( 14 tsp )
Chilli Flakes 1g ( 14 tsp ) optional
Salad Leaves 20g (1 cup )
Fermented Veggies 15g (1 tbsp ) optional
Pesto 15g (1 tbsp ) optional
Olive Oil 5ml ( 14 tbsp )


  1. Heat your fry-pan over medium to high heat. In a bowl mix together the mince with the chopped parsley and spices, and roll into your preferred burger shape. Fry your burger for about 3-4 minuets each side or until cooked through. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  2. Serve your burger alongside fresh salad greens with a dollop of pesto, fermented vegetables and a pinch of salt and enjoy!

MACROS (per serve):

Protein 21.5g

Fats 17.4g

Carbs 1.5g

Energy 250cal/1048kJ

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