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Red Slaw with Guac + Poached Eggs

Red Slaw with Guac + Poached Eggs
Red Slaw with Guac + Poached Eggs


Eggs 2
Red Cabbage 80g (1 cup ) shredded
Avocado 14 smashed
Lemon Juice 20ml (1 tbsp )
Olive Oil 10ml ( 12 tbsp )
Apple Cider Vinegar 10ml ( 12 tbsp )
Pumpkin Seeds 8g (1 tbsp ) sprinkle
Parsley 14 bunch ( 14 cup ) finely chopped


  1. You want your red cabbage lovely and soft, so get onto this first. In a bowl combine your shredded red cabbage with the lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, season with a little salt and toss to mix all the juices to soften the cabbage. Now get onto your eggs.
  2. Boil your eggs to your preferred softness or hardness. Remove from the boiling water, set aside to cool before peeling.
  3. For the guac, simply smash the avocado with the olive oil. Optional: add some cumin and paprika to spice it up.
  4. Mix in the pumpkin seeds and parsley into your slaw, give it another quick toss and place on your plate. Serve topped with your guacamole and eggs and enjoy!

MACROS (per serve):

Protein 16.8g

Fats 30.5g

Carbs 13.8g

Energy 390cal/1632kJ

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